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ACADEMlC YEAR 2017/2018 Semester One: Saturday: 19th September 2017 to Saturday 16th December 2017 (16 weeks) Semester One Holiday Break: Saturday: 16th December 2017 to Friday 09th January 2018 (5 weeks) Semester Two: Saturday: 20th January 2018 to Saturday 12th May 2018 (16 weeks ) Recess Term Saturday: 12th May 2018 to Saturday 21th July 2018 (9 weeks ) Graduation Week and preparation : : 16th July 2018 to 19th August 2018 ACADEMlC YEAR 2018/2019 Semester One: 19th September 2018 to 16th December 2018 (16 weeks) Semester One Holiday Break16th December 2018 to 09th January 2019 (5 weeks) Semester Two: 20th January 2019 to 12th May 2018 (16 weeks ) Recess Term Saturday: 12th May 2019 to Saturday 21th July 2019 (9 weeks ) Graduation Week and preparation : : 16th July 2019 to 19th August 2019 ACADEMlC YEAR 2019/2020 Semester One: 23th September 2019 to 16th December 2019(12 weeks) Semester One Residential Break: Tuesday 17th December 2019 to 17th January 2020 (4 week) Semester Two: Monday 20th January 2020 to Friday 19th June 2020 (21 weeks) Recess Term: Saturday 20th June 2020 to Saturday 8th August 2020 (7 weeks) 68th Graduation Week: Monday: 10th August 2020 to Friday 28th August 2020 (3 weeks) ACADEMlC YEAR 2020/2021 Semester One: Monday 21st September 2020 to Tuesday 21th December 2020 Semester One Residential Break: Wednesday 22th December 2020 to Friday 5th February 2021 (7 week) Semester Two: Saturday 8th February 2021to Saturday 25th June 2021 (19 weeks) Recess Term: Saturday 26th June 2021 to Saturday 7th August 2021 (7 weeks) 67th Graduation Week: Monday: 9th August 2021 to Friday 28th August 2021 ACADEMlC YEAR 2021/2022 Semester One Semester Two


Our Philosophy

Philosophical trends have multiplied in the course of history, showing the richness of the various rigorous, sapiential searches for truth, academic institutions, a suitable philosophical formation must involve both intellectual “habitus” (plural) and contents.SIU matches with the sloghan: "In dust, you conquer !".

Sapientia 's Principle

1. SIU provide academic freedom in research and teaching is the fundamental principle of university life.
2. SIU is international online university at every level academic and professional knowledge and skills for coping with the complex problems of today’s world.

Key Of Success

People want to know which platform to use. Which course tools are best. How to best host videos, or Webinars, or eBooks, or …. name your product of choice..


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